Friday, September 24, 2010

Great Jewelry For a Great Cause

I LOVE LOVE LOVE jewelry, especially when that jewelry is for a great cause! Please check out my friend Regina's etsy page. She has a huge variety to choose from, here are a few:

All of these bracelets are Charity Bracelets, a portion of the proceeds from these bracelets go to various causes listed on her site.

September is Alzheimer's Awareness month

I just bought this awesome purple Alzheimer's awareness bracelet in honor of my great aunt Barbara, who was diagnosed with the disease. It's beautiful and every time I look at it I'm going to think of all the great memories we shared.

October is breast cancer awareness month

This awesome piece is a bridal bouquet jewel stem, I love it! It's so creative and absolutely gorgeous! Things like this make me wish I could have another wedding (to my husband of course!)!

Love this necklace! Great for a cute fall outfit!

There are way too many items for me to list on the blog so go CHECK IT OUT!

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  1. Love Regina's jewelry! I have a necklace and bracelet of hers that I just LOVE!